Mike Clarke
Currently based in Beirut, Lebanon, building kindi.io.
Currently working full-time on kindi.io. Prior to Kindi, I spent two years working with UN agencies and local nonprofits to develop technologies that help improve refugee service delivery outcomes in Lebanon.
A reading app that connects the world like never before
A healthcare chatbot for refugees in Lebanon
Sensor technologies improving aid delivery in Lebanon
Organizing Lebanon’s first hackathon for refugee challenges
Introducing diplohacks to Lebanon and Jordan
(2011 - 2016)
Startups and management consulting
Mapping the complex web of relationships and influence
A startup changing the way companies do market research
Helping Fortune 50 tech companies stay ahead
(2007 - 2011)
Majored in Political Science and Religious Studies, with a focus on Middle East Affairs and Islamic Philosophy. Spent every summer leading development projects in Ghana, and also ended up in Egypt for a study abroad that turned into a first-hand experience of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.
Finding my passion in academics
Building capacity at local schools in Accra
From study abroad to revolution